Virgil Van Dijk Promises To Recover Faster

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Liverpool has the opportunity to play without a mainstay defender, Virgil Van Dijk, this season. But the Netherlands international pledged to try to recover sooner than expected.

Virgil Van Dijk promised “he will be back soon” and promised to do “everything” to recover from injury or surgery as soon as possible.

The 29-year-old defender finally had to get on the operating table because of a severe injury to his knee, after being hit by Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford when the Merseyside Derby last weekend ended 2-2.

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The England international goalkeeper and the mainstay of Everton are reportedly still likely to be banned from playing in three games, after he committed a careless action against opposing players. During the match, Pickford was declared to have escaped the red card because Virgil Van Dijk was deemed offside.

Virgil Van Dijk Promises To Recover Faster

However, as a result of Pickford’s actions which Virgil Van Dijk was ignored when he wanted to help the Liverpool player to his feet, the former Southampton star suffered knee ligament damage and had to miss the rest of the season.

He is actually trying to calm the coaching staff and supporters of the Reds around the world by saying he will do everything in his power and efforts to get back to training as soon as possible, even if it turns out that he can only do this next season.

“This afternoon, I met a consultant who will detail my injury rehabilitation plan, following yesterday’s incident,” said Virgil Van Dijk in his official Twitter page, as reported by The Sun.

“Now I am really focused on recovering from my injury, and will do everything I can to get back as soon as possible,” he said.

 “Although very disappointed, I really believe in difficulties there is ease, and with God’s help I will make sure, I will come back soon, in a better condition, fitter and stronger than before,” said Virgil Van Dijk who joined Liverpool in 2018. .

Virgil Van Dijk Promises To Recover Faster

 “In the world of football, as in life, I believe everything happens for a reason, and it is important for us to try and keep the level of our lives good, whether it will be past the highest or lowest point,” he added.

 “With the support of my wife and children, family and everyone at Liverpool, I am ready to take on the next challenge,” said Virgil Van Dijk.

Virgil Van Dijk Refuses Help From Jordan

It is claimed that he refused the help of Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford shortly after the Liverpool star from Holland was injured.

In that match itself, the Reds took the lead through goals from Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah, while the hosts equalized through goals from Michael Keane and Dominic Calvert-Lewin. But the one thing that was talked about the most was, the Pickford tackle on him.

The incident occurred when the Everton goalkeeper slid past Virgil Van Dijk, without getting the ball, until he hit Virgil Van Dijk’s leg who immediately rolled over. The 29-year-old defender was then claimed to be sidelined in the next seven to eight months due to injury.

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